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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes You Just HAVE to Let Go

Today I wanted to put Corel Draw 3 onto my computer.  OK, I know that there are much newer versions of Corel Draw but version 3 was the last one I bought since it worked quite well for my purposes.  It is only about 20 years old! What ever happened to backward compatibility in Windows anyway? My current computer is running Win7-64 and the installation process just comes up saying that the software is not compatible with my version of windows.  It suggests that I check with the manufacturer for an updated version.  BUT I LIKE THIS VERSION!  And, I can't afford to buy a newer version.  So, I guess it is time to let go of Corel Draw 3.

Following are pictures of the edition 3 of Corel Draw on CD:

The Front Cover

The Back Cover

Inside the CD case. 

Inside the Pamphlet that is in the CD case.

My Corel Draw 3 was purchased and run on Windows 3.0, and then Windows 3.1 for many years.  The specifications state that it requires Windows 3.0 or above (Windows 3.1 is strongly recommended).  I have run it on IBM compatible PCs from 286 up to Pentium. (the 286 required protected mode windows and 4Mb of memory).  I liked the way it worked.

So, now I must leave Corel Draw 3 behind and continue on with other graphics programs.  I still have many that work well but it is a loss of a good tool that has served me well over the years.  I have Serif products that also work well and are reasonably priced.  I also have Paint.Net which is FREE and I have downloaded a ton of addons/effects for it.  And so it comes to this, if you are using Windows 3.1 then I highly recommend Corel Draw 3.0 but if you are using Win7-64 then you might want to check out Paint.Net at

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